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Sarana Khoo

Art Instructor

Sarana Khoo is an art instructor who has a penchant for art since young. She views art as a path to self-discovery, to a deeper appreciation of nature and culture, and importantly, as a means of fostering positive human connection. 

Sarana’s dedication to Japanese pastel art since 2014 has drawn international students from all ages and walks of life. Her students hailed from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA and Canada. She organized the inaugural  Pastel Nagomi Art International Group Exhibition in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, and initiated #1000NagomiZoom during COVID19 lockdowns, uniting thousands globally to paint together. 



Sarana’s works in pastel art were featured in group exhibitions locally as well as Taiwan and Singapore.  Her recent works spring forth from her training in Painting Therapy, with keen observations of Light, Darkness, and Colours.
【畫作瀏覽 Gallery ~ Coming up soon!】


Aspiring Painting Therapist

  • Training in Anthroposophical Painting Therapy (inspired by Liane Collot d’Herbois)


Go潮生活(國語) 你不能不知道的零門檻”自我療癒”藝術 ft.馬來西亞網紅粉彩導師Sarana
27/4/2021  (#168) 【上集】  
30/4/2021  (#171)  【下集】

2020 China Press Interview

26/12/2020 – 中国报 – 宅在家免费教画 美抚慰躁动的心 【閲讀全文

interview - pastel artist

6/5/2020 星洲日报 – 网上社区艺术 千人课室齐画画  【閲讀全文

7/10/2018 – 东方日报 – Nagomiの粉彩物语 直达心灵的指尖绘画 【閲讀全文

25/8/2018 – The Star – Pastel artist Sarana Khoo’s paintings are based on her visions after meditating. 【Read Article

7/3/2014 – TV2 前线视窗 – 天使光频彩绘 【觀看專訪

Showcase of Fine Art Studies


人像畫 / Portraiture

自然觀察 / Nature Studies

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