Heart of Mandala 曼陀罗之心

Ancient art of returning to wholeness & beauty

Mandala painting, finding the centre of our inner universe, has been a deeply heart-centering practice in all ancient wisdom cultures. Whenever we find ourselves in chaotic situation, in tension, or feeling lost, there is a sanctuary within that we can return to again and again. It is a home where we feel balanced, whole and infinite freedom to grow.




體驗班 Introductory Class


在这之前,Sarana 以体验班的形式,引导同学们用粉彩彩绘曼陀罗之心。


Sarana is in the process of revising her Heart of Mandala course. It has previously been focusing on soft pastel as the art medium. In the revisions, she will integrate various forms of mandala-making to expand and deepen the experience of centering and coming home to ourselves of inner wholeness and beauty. 

At the moment, Sarana is offering the introductory class of Heart of Mandala – with pastel art. 

Mandala Pastel Art with Sarana

體驗班形式 Contents of Introductory Class

老師帶領靜心活動 及 示範製作曼陀羅的粉繪技巧。Instructor will facilitate a session of calming ourselves, coming to our centre, setting intention, before demonstrating the techniques of creating a mandala pastel art.

Duration:   2.5-hour
Online class 线上课

学费 + 付款方式 Fees + Payment Methods

For local Malaysian students / 本地学生 :

/ RM 120
→ Bank Transfer:  CIMB 700-210-3146 : Khoo Siew Yee

For Singapore students / 新加坡学生 :

/  SGD 40
PayNow  +65 81284068


For other overseas students (via Paypal)  / 其他海外学生:

/  RM 135
→ Paypal.me/saranakhoo

Payment Record 转账记录

Please email payment record to  汇款之后请把汇款证明发至:sarana.khoo@gmail.com

开课日期 Upcoming Course Dates

Mandala Pastel Art - Heart of Mandala introductory class

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