Pastel Nagomi Art

Therapeutic art form that induces peace, harmony and hope in the artists and admirers.

Play Video about Magical Touch - Pastel Nagomi Art - by Sarana

What is Pastel Nagomi Art?

‘Nagomi’ is a Japanese word for ‘harmony’.  It is an unique art form of using fingers to paint directly with soft pastels. This created stunning artworks that are gentle, soothing and connected to our heart. Founded in 2002 by Mr. Hosoya Norikatsu from Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA), this art carries a social mission to bring peace, joy and social cohesiveness to individuals and communities. 

It's therapeutic !

• Gentle & Calming    

Soothing; Encourages inner gesture of warmth and softness

• Sensory Touch 

Stimulating and fun, Increases self-awareness, and promotes a sense of autonomy in self-expression 

• Easy & Casual

For anyone with or without prior art experience. Suitable for anyone age 3 to 100!  Easy to pick up and paint your own stories, in your own pace.  

Art for community

Adopted by students, homemakers, helping professionals and art lovers, Pastel Nagomi Art has grown to be a popular community art.  Beyond Japan, certified instructors have spread its beauty and simplicity widely to schools, welfare homes, and even corporate meeting rooms. During COVID-19 lockdowns, this art proliferates on Zoom Cloud and social media. 

Where to start learning?

Pastel Nagomi Art can be enjoyed and experienced by anyone without prior experience.  Workshops are conducted by certified instructors who design their own themes. 

Check out! – Workshops & themes by Sarana


Associate Instructor Course
Learn the fundamental skills of Pastel Nagomi Art over 20 art themes

•  Learn how this art brings hope, promotes emotional wellness and harmony, and how you can make a difference in your family & community

Receive certification from Japan JPHAA: Be a certified instructor to conduct workshops 

Course Information 


Advance Instructor Course
Increase your repertoire of skills and art composition themes 

• Receive certification from Japan JPHAA, be a certified instructor to conduct both the Associate and Advance Instructor Courses

Course Information 

Sarana 老师

Trailblazing this art since 2014, Sarana is the 1st Pastel Nagomi Art Advance Instructor to spread this beautiful art in Malaysia, and overseas. 


Since 2014, Sarana has conducted the Instructor Courses and guided instructors from different states of Malaysia, and neighbouring countries (Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bangkok, China and Hong Kong, etc.). 


She has also organized #TalesofNagomi – the 1st International Pastel Nagomi Art Group Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur in 2018. 


和諧粉彩開荒人 ~ 首位在日本海外推廣及傳播和諧粉彩的認證導師

2014 年开始推广和培训『和谐粉彩』指导师至今。学生群來自本地,也來自不同的区域和国家,如:新加坡、台湾、印尼、中国、香港、泰国以及加拿大。

Sa老師也在 2018 年首辦和諧粉彩國際畫展 , 吸引了來自馬來西亞 , 新加坡 , 香港與台灣的 100 多位粉畫愛好者聚集在吉隆坡 齊畫賞畫 .


以實現一個心靈富足,健康與和諧 的社會環境為導向

Hosoya and Sarana
Mr Hosoya, founder of Pastel Nagomi Art and Ms Sarana autographing for #TalesofNagomi Exhibition Journal. • 創辦人 細谷先生 和 Sarana老師 為2018年首開畫展出版的畫冊親筆簽名


温和彩绘艺术 • 舒心 ; 促進内在的溫暖與柔和 


感知藝術  •  通過觸覺與色彩 , 提升喜悅和希望 ; 增强自我觀察 ,  鼓勵獨立創作與情感表達 


輕鬆易學  •  不需要藝術經驗 ; 輕鬆掌握基本技法 , 就能畫出自己的故事 ; 適合任何年齡層 


“NAGOMI” 是日文『和諧』 的意思 . Pastel Nagomi Art (和諧粉彩藝術)  帶療愈性質 , 可促進内心平靜 , 圓融 和提升希望感 . 透過手指把顔色粉末輕揉地在畫紙上創作 , 作品呈現溫柔的調色 , 能與自心鏈接 , 安撫躁亂的心 .


由細谷先生創辦于 2002 年 . 他希望把美的療愈藝術在社會普及化 , 讓各階層人士 , 家庭與社團都能通過簡單的指尖繪畫, 為心靈帶來一絲的平靜與喜悅 , 為社群帶來溫馨與關懷 .   日本和諧希望粉彩協會 (JPHAA) 


由於和諧粉彩作品的柔美和艷麗 , 繪畫過程的簡單 易學 , 這門藝術廣受學生 , 家長 , 助人育人者 (老師 , 輔導員 , 社工等) 與美術愛好者的喜愛 .  合格的和諧粉彩導師也極力在學府 , 福利社群機構 , 甚至是企業公司教導這門藝術 . 這幾年因爲疫情的漫延與居家隔離 , 和諧粉彩也如雨後春筍在網課平臺與社交媒體上廣爲傳播 .  


学习班 / 体验坊 
无论有无绘画经验, 任何人都能随机享受和谐粉彩的乐趣.  体验班是由合格的导师带领, 主题教案一般上也是导师设计的. 

看一下 : Sarana 老师设计与带领的主题 


•  通過學習 20 個主題, 掌握 和諧粉彩的基本技法 

•  瞭解這門藝術如何提倡心靈平衡與社會和諧, 您如何爲此做出貢獻  

日本協會直接頒發證書后, 就能開班 (工作坊) 分享 



•  提升繪畫與構圖技巧 

日本協會直接頒發證書后, 就能開准與正指導師課程


JPHAA Associate Instructor Certificate Course

和諧粉彩 • 『准』指導師認證課程

Learn 20 Art Themes & lots of Techniques ! 學習 20 個繪畫主題和甚多技巧 !

Themes include scenic landscapes inspiring Hope, seasons, emotion expressions, sensory & aroma, positivity and spirituality.

主題包含充滿希望感的風光景色 , 大自然季節的啓示 , 情感表達 , 感官信息引導作畫 和 正上信仰的表現 . 

Personal guidance and have fun in the 3-day art retreat !

由老師親授指導 , 3日享受美的創作過程 !

Course includes bilinggual JPHAA Student Handbook & Course Notes exclusively from Sarana Pastel Atelier

贈送本畫室編輯的『學生手冊』和『Sa老師講義』, 皆附雙語版 .

JPHAA Pastel Nagomi Art

Certificate is awarded by Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA)



Design and conduct your own workshop as a certified instructor

作为认证的和谐粉彩指导师, 教授您自己设计的教案, 开体验班与更多人分享

20 themes packed in a 3-day (approx. 25 hours) course sounds intensive. It is!  However, 


💗  Pacing with students is her utmost concern.  

Gentle approach and patience make the class less daunting, with Sarana. 


💗 Clear instructions, easy steps distilled from experience.

With years of experience in the mechanics of painting with fingers and soft colour pigments, Sarana teaches you the essences.   


💗 Positive, appreciative learning environment

Aligning with the mission and vision of Pastel Nagomi Art, Sarana wishes to ensure that enjoying the art, have fun in your creative expressions, and a deeper appreciation of your own art-making process is the most important lesson.  


💗 Ready to handhold students on their journey post-course.

Sarana creates an additional evening session to address the all administrative, logistic and technical questions you may have after the course.   She is readily accessible to share her experience whenever you need on your journey to be an instructor. 

Anyone who falls in love with this art at first sight!  It is absolutely suitable for beginners, as we will start with the basics in the right way in this foundation course. 

  • For anyone who wishes to have a foundational experience of this art, or longs to dedicate a 3-day art retreat to nourish their creative self. 

After the 3-day course, you will take 1 month (or less) to:
(A)  Paint another 3 artworks with guided questions
(B)  Complete a simple written assignment about learning & sharing  this art.  


These will be submitted to Mr.Hosoya in JPHAA. You will definitely receive a Certificate and ID card, meticulously prepared by the Founder himself.  With this certification, you are eligible to conduct workshops and share Pastel Nagomi Art with your own designed themes.

  • 3-painting-days + 2-hour-lecture
  • Each day: 9:30am – 6.00pm
  • Physical in-person class 


RM 3,330    (Malaysia Class)
SGD 1,300  (Singapore Class)
* foreign students, please contact us separately.



  • Fee includes JPHAA certificate fee, a comprehensive set of pastel art materials & printed Student Handbook & Course Notes.
  • Delivery is free for local Malaysian students. Courier can be arranged for other countries.

Open to all Associate Instructors:

  • RM 1330
  • SGD 450


  • Fees include a copy of Sarana’s exclusive Course Notes and an erasing shield. Free shipping.
  • Please upload a copy of your Cert or ID card previously obtained at Registration Form.

Previously Attended with Sarana: 

  • RM 700 
  • SGD 230

3 日學 20 個主題的確讓一些同學感到壓力 . 這畢竟是密集課程 ! 不過 , Sa老師的經驗教學使這 3日化成一種享受 ! 


💗  老師非常重視並配合學員的學習步伐  

溫柔和耐心的指導 , 畫畫就不可怕 .  


💗 簡化步驟 , 精粹指導 , 輕鬆畫畫 

擁有豐富的畫畫教學經驗, 老師把質檢繪畫的技巧 , 處理粉末的問題 , 傳授粉繪之精髓.  


💗 欣賞和正向的學習過程

秉持和諧粉彩的理念和使命 , Sa老師希望學員享受這門藝術 , 開心地勇於發揮創意 , 并且為自己的學習過程抱著一份欣賞和喜悅 .   


💗 課外後序: 老師繼續提供支持與意見 

Sa老師爲了給學員充足的 3日繪畫時間 , 安排額外的時段 , 解答學員遇到的技巧上, 或任何課外的問題. 她也將仔細列出功課的事項 . 在你的學習成爲導師的旅程中, 願意提供意見和支援 .  

對『和諧粉彩』一見鍾情的愛好者 . 

雖然是指導師課程 , 卻非常適合初學者.

歡迎所有想要為自己繪畫能力奠基基礎者 , 以便更好地掌握這門藝術 .

想與親友或社群開課分享和諧粉彩者, 欲瞭解和諧粉彩的推廣理念 . 

3 日課程后, 您將有一個月時間完成 3 幅畫 (自己創作), 並填寫一份作業 (關於學習與教導 和諧粉彩). 

老師將以上呈交給細谷先生 , 后由 JPHAA 協會親自把 導師證件和證書郵寄給你 .

領到證書后, 您可以開班 (工作坊)分享和諧粉彩, 教授您自己設計的教案。

  • 3 天繪畫日  + 2 小時討論 
  • 每天  9:30am – 6.00pm
  • ZOOM 线上课室 
    (實體課將在 疫情之後恢復)


RM 3,330  (马来西亚班)

SGD 1,300 (新加坡班)



  • 课程费用包括 日本和谐粉彩协会认证费、一套完整材料包(粉彩绘工具, 課本和講義)。
  • 海外材料包郵寄將由海外生額外自費承擔。

歡迎 准指導師復習

  • RM 1330
  • SGD 450


  • 費用包含了Sarana老師獨家的講義和 一片型板. 免費郵寄.
  • 請在報名表格上載您的證書或 ID卡.

Sarana 老師教授的准/正指導師 :

  • RM 700 
  • SGD 230

JPHAA Advance Instructor Certificate Course

和諧粉彩 • 『正』 指導師認證課程

Be a certified Advance Instructor to conduct the Associate & Advance courses.
成爲一名合格的 正指導師 來培訓更多導師吧 ! 合格正師能教授 准與正師課程 

JPHAA Pastel Nagomi Art

Certificate is awarded by Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA)


Eligible to purchase PDF copy of bilinggual Teaching Materials exclusively from Sarana Pastel Atelier.
可以申請購買本畫室出版的課程手冊與講義 , 以方便您教課 

Select any of the following modules for your course

【JPHAA  Module L 】

You may now choose to learn 【 Module L】, and be certified as Advance Instructor.  Existing Adv instructors are welcome to take the course and be certified to teach this theme.   
Sarana老师在 2023年开始教授 L 教案, 想成为正指导师的粉友们又有另一个选择.  在籍的正师也欢迎报名. 

【JPHAA 2015 Module】

This module consists of 4 meaningful compositions. Let Sarana share the stories as we paint along.  
2015 年主題裏頭包含了 4 輻別具意義的構圖. 讓 Sa 老師邊畫邊說主題背後的故事吧 !

🧡 The first to conduct this series of beautiful themes outside of Japan.  

Learn first hand from Sarana who attended this 1-day schooling learning from Mr Hosoya in 2015 in Japan.


🧡 Enriched learning with Art Appreciation 

Sarana shares more than the skills of painting. For each of the art themes, hear from her about what makes the artworks come alive!


🧡 Extra Extra Guidance & Support!  

  • Additional time for learning, group sharing and Q&A
    Instead of the original 1-day schooling created by the founder Mr. Hosoya, Sarana has lengthened the course learning to 2 days.

  • Admin/Logistic/Technical Support
    – Preparations for conducting courses
    – Certification application procedures
    – Insights and skills about teaching the course

  • Resources and Support
    This added session will help you to better handle students’ questions and problems faced in pastel art techniques, understand the various art materials, better equipped with teaching skills, know how to prepare pre-course teaching materials, and solve issues that you possibly face when you conduct courses or workshops in the future.
  • Certified Associate Instructors who wish to deepen their skills and learn more advance art themes, or simply indulge in a 1-day art retreat!
  • Especially essential for Assoc. Instructors who aspire to impart the full curriculum, skills and spirit of Pastel Nagomi Art to others (ie. conduct the Associate & Advance Instructor Courses). 

No assignment after the course.  Application will be submitted to Mr.Hosoya in JPHAA. You will definitely receive a Certificate and ID card, meticulously prepared by the Founder himself.  


You are eligible to conduct the full Associate Instructor Course, as well as all other themes that you have learnt in “Advance Courses”, or 1-day Schooling. 

  • 2-days
  • 9:30am – 5.00pm ( end earlier on 2nd day)
  • ZOOM Online or Physical class


Course Fee

  • (With Cert.)
    RM 1980 / RM 2120 (Paypal) / SGD 680 (PayNow)
  • (Without Cert.)
    RM 1100 / RM 1200 (Paypal) / SGD 390 (PayNow)


  • Fee includes JPHAA certificate fee
  • Attending (Without Cert.) applies to certified Advance Instructors ONLY.
  • 1-time FREE REPEAT for those who learnt this theme with Sarana
  • ZOOM online only 
  • In the event that there is no new registrants, the class will be cancelled.

🧡 第一位教授此2015年 教案的海外導師   

自2015年在日本親自向細谷先生學了以後, Sa老師將這 4 輻分享給學生. 


🧡 繪畫之餘, 豐富美學欣賞  

Sa老師覺得故事, 個人體驗和感動能把繪畫過程變得更有意義 . 她想要分享的不僅是技巧 , 而是將我們的畫賦予情感, 投入生命 !


🧡 特加 特加 指導, 交流和協助 !  

  • 延長時間, 一起分享與交流 + Q&A
    原本 1 日的課程 , 老師特別加時 , 爲了更豐富教課内容  

  • 行政/流程/技術援助 
    – 開粉彩課的預備事項 
    – 向協會申請證書的詳細程序 
    – 關於教課程的經驗之談與心得

  • 後勤協助 
    課後在遇到教導學生的問題都可與老師分享 討論. Sa老師盡量協助. 

♥ 適合 『准』指導師提升繪畫構圖與技巧 

♥ 喜歡這系列教案的『准』和『正』導師. 

♥ 歡迎對『和諧粉彩』的理念與傳播有熱忱的導師 , 合格后希望能培訓更多導師 , 將這門藝術种子给散播开来,开枝散叶

沒有作業 . 完成課程后, Sa老師會替學員申請 正指導師合格證書 . 
領取證書后, 您可以教授 “准指導師課程” 以及所有您學過的 “正師課程” 的主題教案
  • 兩日
  • 9:30am – 5.00pm  (第二天提早下課)
  • ZOOM 线上课  或 實體課



  • (含認證)
     RM 1980 / RM 2250 (Paypal) / SGD 680 (PayNow)
  • (不用認證)
     RM 1200 / RM 1330 (Paypal) / SGD 390 (PayNow)


  • 课程费用包括 日本和谐粉彩协会认证费
  • 报名费(不用认证)- 只限已经获得正指导师资格者
  • 曾向 Sarana老師学过此教案:免费复习(只限 1次)

  • 只限线上课

  • 若沒有新生報名. 我們將取消該班次 .