2017-2019 ▶ Sarana’s Art Tours in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong

During pandemic global lockdown, we can’t travel. As Sarana prepares for an interview, she recollects the beautiful memorable time spent with students during her past teaching trips. This is a collection of selected photos from her teaching trips to Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Pastel Nagomi Art brings people together, and brings warmth and laughter to our hearts. We hope it will be very soon that we can meet and paint together again!

Credit: Accompanying song “Baba Nam Kevalam” from album “The Lily and the Moon”. Sung by Didi Ananda Samprajina .

2018 ▶ Inaugural International Group Exhibition on Pastel Nagomi Art in Kuala Lumpur

Exhibition Title: TALES OF NAGOMI

This exhibition showcased artworks and stories of the artists from instructors and students from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Each Pastel Nagomi Art work speaks of memorable events, significant persons/pets, or aspirations and visions special to the artist. All the artworks and their stories were recorded in an accompanying ArtBook that was published in full colour print.

Organisers: Sarana Pastel Atelier and Oriental Arts Cultural Centre (OACC) Curator: Sarana Khoo