Explore the magical touch of Nagomi Art

Pastel Nagomi Art - Angel Blessings by Sarana

” Pastel Nagomi Art does not contain profound truths and difficult techniques;
Only a simple way of painting to feel the simplicity of the moment.”  — Sarana

Dabble with real colours in your hands – with your touch

Pastel Nagomi Art is an unique style of painting with soft pastel powders using your fingers. Have a real sense of colours as you dabble them onto the art papers.  Founded in Japan, it has become a popularised art for the individuals as well as allied helpers and working professionals.  Its widespread popularity into communities and care homes is attributed to its qualities of being easy, adaptable and fun.     

A rare magical art that appeals to all ages.

Children loves to scrape the pastel sticks into colour dusts and paint with all their 10 fingers and palms!  Seniors welcome the sense of touch that allows them to create something artistically.  Working adults delight in the soft gentle tones that nurture their jaded inner creativity. 

Magical connections: bringing our worlds together

Uncle Tek was signing off his artwork with a satisfied grin on his face. He just painted a bright full moon and a family reunion. Volunteers have visited him just before Mid-autumn Festival in the elder care facility where he stays and calls ‘home’, but a home where he misses his family.

The magic touch of Pastel Nagomi Art extends beyond the art and the hands. Carers and volunteers bring this art – with their big hearts of warmth – to share with the less-privileged communities or isolated members of our society.  This art opens up as a tool of expression and communication.

An Invitation:  Paint a Nagomi Card for someone you care

Make an appointment with your Artist Self. 

Create a space and time to paint a simple heart to someone you miss, or wish to share your care at this moment in your life.

Pen the words that will carry your love and concern. 

Learn to paint this card?   Free access to the lesson video.

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