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Art of Love

Pastel Art with themes on Love, Life and Appreciation

Inspired by organic events in life journey, or a pure appreciation for beauty and fine arts, Sarana designs theme workshops that she loves and wishes to share with you. 

Botanical Plants Pastel Art

The Four Noble Plants

The Four Noble Plants, or 四君子, are found recurring in Chinese art and literary, each representing an important virtue. In this series, appreciate each plant painting the Nagomi Art style, while understanding their significance throughout Chinese art history. Part 1 : 27 Nov 2022 (Sun) Part 2 : 4 Dec 2022 (Sun) 10am – 6pm Bras Brasah Complex, Singapore

Art of Balance

Mandala Pastel Art

Mandala, finding the centre of our inner universe, has been a deeply heart-centering practice in all ancient wisdom cultures. Whenever we find ourselves in chaotic situation, in tension, or feeling lost, there is a sanctuary within that we can return to again and again. It is a home where we feel balanced, whole and infinite freedom to grow.   

Workshop for your Group?
Talk to us.

Art of Storytelling

Nagomi Art for Kids

Weaving storytelling into artistic creations is the way Teacher Sarana hopes to nurture growth and warm the hearts of our children.

Private group session available. 

School Holidays

Organised by Awareness Hub, Singapore. For children aged 6 to 13. 
2022 Theme: Discover the Animal World

Wed, June 8 & 15 ; 10am-12nn
Wed, Dec 7 & 14 ; 10am-12nn
Online Zoom 

Enquiry:  awarenesshub@kmspks.org  |  +65 6336 5067

Art for Community

Art Jamming for Meaningful Causes

Join us!  Sarana partners with various organizations or instructors to offer pastel art jamming sessions – for a meaningful cause.  

Invite Sarana to your community

International Art Jamming (IAJ)

IAJ is organised by Eznature . Each month there will be 5 online sessions conducted by 5 JPHAA certified Nagomi instructors from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Sarana will be conducting a session each month. 


 2022 Quarterly registration  

– 4-5 sessions per month on Thurdays
– 8.00pm – 10.00pm

This is a paying event where portion of proceeds go to selected charitable organizations. Look out for details at organiser’s FB page:  Eznature 


Teacher-Students' Works 師生作品集

【Inner Peace series 心靈粉彩】

Little Monks 小沙彌

【藝耕粉彩 1.0】

『向大師學習』單元, 同學臨摹
埃德加•德加 的芭蕾舞者

『向大師學習』單元, 同學臨摹
奧迪隆•雷東 的瓶子花系列

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