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Sarana Pastel Atelier  X  迂野阁 2023

今年艺耕粉彩 3.0,我们将一起来探讨象征主义,并介绍一位象征主义中最具代表性的艺术家 — Odilon Redon 奥迪龙.雷东, 他的生平与艺术创作。

Inner Peace Series 心灵粉彩工作坊 2 

透過有趣可愛的小沙弥, 走一段 Heart Journey, 为心灵重拾一份活泼纯真与一丝禅意,回到清净本心。

Special Pastel Art Workshop Series 2023 – Commemorating 170th Anniversary of the Artistic Brilliance of Vincent Van Gogh
2023 梵高诞辰170周年特备粉彩工作坊系列

Sarana ushers Module L in 2023. This is a new course option for anyone who wishes to be certified as Advance Instructor.  Existing Adv instructors are welcome to take the course and be certified to teach this theme. 

Sarana老师在 2023年开始教授 L 教案, 想成为正指导师的粉友们又有另一个选择.  在籍的正师也欢迎报名.

花中四君子到底有何魅力,能成为传统文化中身份最为高雅的花草呢?为什么古人最喜欢画梅兰竹菊呢?在对于东方艺术的兴趣与好奇心驱使之下,Sarana 特别以日式粉彩的绘画形式来重新诠释花中四君子之美。每一朵花卉在耐心与专注绘制之下,在方寸纸上盛开。


The Four Noble Plants, or 四君子, are found recurring in Chinese art and literary, each representing an important virtue. In this series, appreciate each plant painting the Nagomi Art style, while understanding their significance throughout Chinese art history.

Sarana 老师 让学员在学习和谐粉彩的过程中了解一些艺术知识与艺术史,提升心灵丰盛与艺术鉴赏,让生活更有美感!

IPACC is organised by Eznature . This is a paying event where portion of proceeds go to selected charitable organizations. 2023 Registration Details at Organiser’s FB.

Ongoing monthly online course 定期每月课程

Available Classes 其他课程

Suitable for absolute beginners!  These workshops are suitable for anyone without prior experience in this art form. 

Sa老师的新班 , 适合任何粉友来体验, 无需结晶之花的绘画经验. 

Ancient art of returning to wholeness & beauty 
Mandala painting, finding the centre of our inner universe, has been a deeply heart-centering practice in all ancient wisdom cultures. Whenever we find ourselves in chaotic situation, in tension, or feeling lost, there is a sanctuary within that we can return to again and again. It is a home where we feel balanced, whole and infinite freedom to grow.




Teacher-Students' Works 師生作品集

【Inner Peace series 心靈粉彩】

Little Monks 小沙彌

【藝耕粉彩 1.0】

『向大師學習』單元, 同學臨摹
埃德加•德加 的芭蕾舞者

【藝耕粉彩 1.0】

『向大師學習』單元, 同學臨摹
奧迪隆•雷東 的瓶子花系列

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