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Botanical Plants Pastel Art

The Four Noble Plants 四君子

The Four Noble Plants, or 四君子, are found recurring in Chinese art and literary, each representing an important virtue. In this series, appreciate each plant painting the Nagomi Art style, while understanding their significance throughout Chinese art history.

Open for Registration:

Online Zoom Class, Fridays 7.30pm-10.30pm:
24 Mar  兰花
31 Mar  竹
14 Apr  菊花
21 Apr  梅花

Angels Blessing Pastel Art

Angels Blessing 天使祝福

Inherently, every one of us is gifted with the potential of living the best of ourselves and offering our divine essences for humanity.

Open for Registration:

Good Friday Holiday Session
(In-person in Singapore)

Sat, 8 April 2023 

Session 9.30am  (Little Guardian Angel)

Session 1.30pm  (Flight of Angel)

Session 5.00pm  (Love Angel Rose)


跨国粉彩全方位课 International Pastel Art Comprehensive Class (IPACC)

⭐️ Sarana 老师 让学员在学习和谐粉彩的过程中了解一些艺术知识与艺术史,提升心灵丰盛与艺术鉴赏,让生活更有美感!

IPACC is organised by Eznature . This is a paying event where portion of proceeds go to selected charitable organizations.

Details at organiser’s FB:

2023 Registration  

ArtBoard 2_M

A way of finding our focus and centering

Experience the unique art of painting with fingers, while creating your very own pastel mandala


Introductory Class:  Heart of Mandala (Online ZOOM)

Session A.  Friday, 24 Feb 2023
– 8pm to 10:30pm (2.5-hour)

Session B.  Saturday, 25 Feb 2023
– 2pm to 4:30pm (2.5-hour)


Art of Storytelling

Nagomi Art for Kids

Weaving storytelling into artistic creations is the way Teacher Sarana hopes to nurture growth and warm the hearts of our children.

Private group session available. 

Teacher-Students' Works 師生作品集

【Inner Peace series 心靈粉彩】

Little Monks 小沙彌

【藝耕粉彩 1.0】

『向大師學習』單元, 同學臨摹
埃德加•德加 的芭蕾舞者

『向大師學習』單元, 同學臨摹
奧迪隆•雷東 的瓶子花系列

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